2016 so far

March eh? Oops. A recap of my 2016 to now:

Lots of personal stuff – Christmas with many families for the first time, which all went very well. The studio cat has finally started chilling out and will sleep while I work. (See above or lets face it, so so much of my Instagram feed.) I’ve been cooking (from actual ingredients, not just putting a pizza in the oven), and doing DIY around the house (both of these likely are tied to my partner moving in in January, which is all very exciting.)

On the design front, there have been various sales over on Society6 – I’ve yet to add new pieces but am working on a few, but have been kept busy lately! I’ve been kept busy by existing clients and have a few new clients who I’m working with which is also lovely, I’m also working on cover designs and lettering for a graphic novel (not my own sadly!) still very exciting stuff and can’t wait to be able to share it when it’s done!

I really need some sort of sign off… toodle pip for now :)