2018 (Cripes.)

New blog post alert ahhhhhh. It’s 2018. Ahem, that’s quite a gap, apologies to my audience of … well I’d be flattered if anyone was checking the blog honestly.

2017 was very busy (no excuse for a lack of blogging though!).

In the mean time, I have updated the site to be retina friendly. My work machine is a lovely big new iMac (no not an iMac pro, I haven’t put my rates up that much yet), so the blurry softness of the visuals of my work was frankly upsetting. So all the work should be nice and sharp now. A huge thanks to the lovely and wonderful Rihards for helping with that.

Next steps are to actually find the time to get some lovely new work up here! And I’m going to endeavour to blog a little more about the day to day life of being erm, well me, and the antics of being a very quiet creative individual in Manchester.