Crafted creativity, honest design.
Branding & illustration.

I believe in creating work that helps, whether communicating clearly or making someone smile. Design can influence and affect people in their daily lives in a good way.


To create the right design for you, I need to understand fully what is needed. That means listening closely and asking plenty of questions, working with you to help refine the brief itself before any design work begins. After that stage every visual and design presented back to you will be explained in straight forward english.


It’s the studio of Mark Dormand, Manchester based graphic designer & branding consultant. Squid is just me but I team up with other lovely folks to make nice things, so saying just Mark isn’t quite right.


  • Identity design
  • Branding & guidelines
  • Print design
  • Digital & web design
  • Illustration


  • Julie Twist Properties
  • MCR Live
  • Geeks for Social Change
  • Emperor
  • MMU
  • Manchester University
  • Salford University
  • Tai Chi School
  • Touchdown Dance
  • Embody Move
  • PlaceCal
  • Seven Limes Pottery