Privacy Policy

Cookies, data protection, privacy all of the good stuff. It’s not terribly interesting, but you should be aware of it.

The basics

This website ( is primarily a portfolio site & blog as such not much data is collected.

Squid is the trading name of Mark Dormand who is a design and brand consultant operating as a sole trader based in Manchester, UK.

If you have any questions about the information within the privacy policy you can get in touch by emailing

Squid and Mark Dormand etc will be referred to as “we” from here on out.

You are being watched! 

Sadly just by visiting this site a lot of places already know you’re here. But the good news is none of that is easily identifiable information, we’re very happy for you to remain anonymous (the exception being when you send a message to us).

Our lovely green web hosts Krystal logs access to the website’s files on their web servers. It’s not personal but they do grab things like your IP address – this is just useful to know where in the world traffic is coming from.

They have an exceedingly thorough privacy policy here.

Who else? Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) knows where you are. We can’t do anything about that, they’ll have their own policies in place.

What identifiable information do we get?

Email addresses! But only if you send us a message. Either by directly emailing or through the contact form on the Get in touch page. We don’t collect, resell or add them to newsletters.

This changes if you’re a client of course, in which case we will record more information about you in order to create invoices and arrange meetings or deliveries. So that’ll include things like names, job titles and addresses. We still won’t ever resell this data.


This website (like most) uses cookies. This was mentioned in the little pop up banner which requests your consent.

If you’d like to learn more about Cookies you can visit

If you’re using the site and hit “I accept” this is counted as consent to use the following cookies:

The I accept cookies banner places a cookie!

It does this to stop it constantly popping up every time you visit or as you travel through the site. This will expire automatically after around a month. 

Google Analytics

This is the main one really — we have most of their fancy settings turned off as we’re only interested in learning what areas of the site you like best, where you’re coming from and if any of you are using obscure devices we need to make sure the site works alright on.

Adobe Fonts

Adobe delivers some of the lovely typefaces, they record some information too using a cookie which they do share to the font foundry owners. Their privacy policy is here.

There’s not many, but if you do have some big gripes about these cookies, you can deactivate them in your browser – it will (especially the Adobe one!) make the site look worse. Most browsers let you deactivate cookies entirely, or just third party cookies – each web browser has different settings so you’d need to investigate that in your preferred browser. 

We quite like Ghostery – which is a little plugin for a lot of major browsers, lets you see what’s doing what and stop it if you object. Ghostery itself being a third party system will have its own privacy policies in place.

What else?

Some things act like you’ve left the site — like embedded video, so that’s Youtube, Vimeo etc. also things like embedded Spotify playlists. Each of these will act like you’re visiting their websites and as such each will have their own privacy policy you need to check you’re happy with.

Clicking links from our site to others including to our social media accounts means going to sites which each have their own privacy rules you need to check you’re happy with also — we have no say over them, even if they’re clients.

Get, change or delete your personally identifiable information

We don’t keep very much but you can request a copy, that we make changes or request that it be deleted within 30 days of you contacting us.

(The exception being if the data is needed for any current legal situation or is considered vital in public interest.)

You can contact us at