September updates!

Not quite got into the swing of posting routinely, but time for a quick round up!

Post holiday blues were pretty serious business this year, quite jarring contrast being away in the Lake District and then back to civilisation. I hope everyone is doing ok given … **gestures wildly at the state of the world**.

Ah the Lake District.

So what have I been up to you say? Well this last week I decided to spend a bit of time revisiting my Behance profile — adding new projects which are featured here and updating a few older projects with better visuals and the like.

Also enjoyed taking part in a Twitter illustration hashtag the other day, #GetYourArtUnderwater some wonderful artwork out there, brilliant illustrators and artists, so it was lovely to be a part of that with our soggy Squid illustrations.

I’m also starting to think about NaNoWriMo for this year, which is going to be digital only — so no meet ups in Chapter One in Manchester this year sadly. So that means thinking how our graphics will look for our writing group, the MCR Wrimos, this year. And probably more importantly, what will I write this year? I tend to write lots of sci-fi, but am feeling a little tempted to venture into fantasy again.

Over and out for now, hope you all have a lovely weekend!