The paper shrine

As I’ve been on lots of video calls recently I’ve made efforts to make the makeshift home studio a little more presentable.

Think broom cupboard with less puppets. Made all the easier with the new 2020 GFSmith sample book along with their 2015 edition. Their Collection is always a lovely thing, and in the days of meeting people in the real world, it’s a great way to get folks excited about their print & paper possibilities.

I’ve been lovingly referring to this as my paper shrine over on the socials, which I probably should stop doing 😀

The lovely folks at Foilco caught wind of my little paper shrine, which included a few samples from them. They let me know that they produced a lovely set of lockdown postcards which recently arrived which can be seen below. (My nails are currently a little matchy matchy to one of them!)

The paper shrine (along with my face and voice) will be widely available soon as I was recently interviewed to talk about creating a personal brand with James Mulvany.

I’ve worked with James on MCR Live and his own personal branding for his podcasts. His branding and the video (posted later today I think!) can be seen here. It was super fun to do, though I’m quite new to being filmed or recorded so fingers crossed I make sense. 🙂

What else — me and the husband are taking our first holiday this year in the coming week to the Lake District! The bad news, is that it has been too warm to think about writing blog posts in advance so a little radio silence ahead!

Take care all,