MCR Live logo on white, the text is all caps in an understated bold sans serif, stacked MCR a large underscore, and LIVE. All over the top of a triangle with a vivid gradient of pink to blue.

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A high energy brand for a local digital radio station celebrating music and culture.

The team at wanted to launch a pop up radio project for MCR Live to showcase their technology and create an exciting platform for the local music and DJ community.

They wanted something intense and playful to really stand out against a lot of creative organisations in Manchester, a scene filled with brilliant design and strong looks already.


MCR Live logo with it's strapline to one side in black text in a graphic "highlighter" style box surrounding the text "MUSIC, CULTURE AND RADIO" A small subtitle says DIGITAL RADIO – ONLINE – MOBILE.

A very intense and high contrast look was quickly established, originally explored with soft pastels we went for high energy gradients which were used across all materials and to give ownership of shows and ads for folks appearing on the station.

The minimal typographic look gave us plenty of flexibility, including creating various sub-brands to give simple clean ownership to shows and versatility in creating attention grabbing graphics for original shows on the channel.

Sub-brands in a similar type treatment as MCR LIVE in its logo for use in promotional graphics, MCR LIVE – ORIGINALS, MCR LIVE – RESIDENTS, MCR LIVE – TAKEOVER.

A solid visual brand was one of the key parts to the success of the project, which ended up reaching an audience of over 500,000 each month.

Three poster designs for MCR LIVE from different stages of its existence, all vibrant and different but energetic and playful, with brash colours and strong type.

We approached Squid at the end of 2016 to work with us creating a cutting edge brand for this culture based project. Launched in 2017 it ran very successfully for two years. The branding was translated across the website, socials and any physical events that were ran. The brand was used to style many aspects including cover art for broadcasting and podcasting, social posts and lots of video content.

James Mulvany