Nova logo in red on white, the text NOVA is set in a modern clean sans serif typeface with a symbol of a star burst above it made up of the shapes from open skydiving parachutes and also subtly forms the shape of a human.

Helping a sky diving team reach new heights with a bold new identity.

Nova is an amateur freestyle skydiving team competing at a world class level. With the team competing at ever higher levels a visual mark that would look brilliant both online and on their kit as they fell through the sky was a no brainer.

Client: Nova

Photograph of a skydiver falling through the sky with a red and white suit on. A black version of the Nova logo is on the sleeve.

As the identity needed to be embroidered and be recognisable at a distance, a minimal ident worked best with subtle nods to the parachutes and human form worked into the mark.

Nova logo in white in the centre of the front of a red hooded top.
A photograph of a skydiver falling through the sky in another position, the logo is visible in black on white on his arm.

Since the new look was brought in, the team have continued to soar (sorry) taking the gold in the BPA Freestyle Nationals 2019.

We wanted something striking and simple that would work well across a broad range of mediums — be that print, web, and even embroidery! Because it really does work on everything we put it on.

Chris Mayhew