Time for play text in black on white

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Self initiated projects, personal work and things that are purely for play & experimentation.

Mockup of a yellow t-shirt with an illustration of an open doorway within it you can see trees, flowers, a river a lake and mountains, with stars in the night sky too.

The Outside

My design for Mercht’s The Great Outdoors challenge — I wanted to create something that showed how much we all wanted to get back outside and also that it’s all still waiting for us for when it’s safe.

I also love vivid colours in my clothes so wanted a design that was completely black and white and would work on almost any colour. Two of my friends are kindly modelling the ones they got!

Wedding invites

My wedding invites! One of the scariest jobs for any designer. The print is a thick Cobalt Colorplan card with a copper hot foil press. The stars were a nod to the date being the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. (Plus we’re both huge nerds.)


An illustration that includes all sorts of fairytales and myths, ranging from traditional to ideas of my own creation!

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Chaos Isla

My piece for a Jurassic Park art event back in 2015! It’s based on the silhouette of the island in Jurassic Park (novel and film) Isla Nublar. The patterns are inspired on the fractal models which exist in the novel itself increasing in complexity as things run out of control! Niche nerdery.

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