Urban Green's logo in black on a sandy yellow. The logo is made up of the words Urban Green spaced out evenly within a rectangular hollow box.

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A breath of fresh air to better reflect their personality, and highlight the breadth of expertise they now offered.

Urban Green is an expert in their field and wanted a look that reflected their less traditional approach but also the confidence of their many abilities.

Starting out with a focus in arboriculture, they had expanded over the years to include landscape planning, landscape architecture, ecology, urban design and natural capital.

They offer more than most of their competitors, who often only offer one or two of these services.

Client: Urban Green

Early on in the process we decided to retain the existing logo whilst dropping the green to set us apart from competitors (a sea of green). Inspired by the landscape we introduced a sandy yellow, sky blue, slate grey and earthy ochre as accents to a simple monochrome look.

We also introduced a small version for use across social media which the main logo was not suited to.

Decorative pattern using contours from Urban Green's new brand, this uses the contours in black.

In keeping with the landscape approach, we created a contour pattern as a way to bring in colour and recognition to Urban Green’s materials.

Animation of Urban Green's services in strong condensed sans serif type in black on sandy yellow. Each state starts "We are" and runs through their many services.

Introducing a new bold condensed typeface for titles allows the business to be playful and confident, paired with a versatile supporting sans serif type family offers a wide range of control for the rest of their materials.

Business cards for Urban Green representing the rebrand for the organisation – bold black type against colourful sandy yellow contours representing the landscape as most of their work relates closely with landscape.
A report in Urban Green's new branding, contours run down one side of the front cover, strong black type in the top left in their condensed brand typeface. On the inside spread it demonstrates the open space and clean new look, and one of their visualisations is treated with the contour pattern in white over part of the image.

One of the main areas Urban Green’s work is shown is in their detailed reports — the new brand had to simplify and unify a lot of varied materials and allow for a large amount of flexibility.

Covers showing the various ways colour can be introduced through the contour pattern, and how much of the page can be covered with the contours (ranging from very little to the entire cover).
A snapshot of the brand guidelines for Urban Green showing the detail and how the brand can be applied.

With the key elements established we were then able to work together in creating their new website, including creating new service icons to better capture the varied expertise of Urban Green.

Decorative pattern using contours from Urban Green's new brand, this uses the contours in sandy yellow.
Urban Green website homepage mockup showing the entire site design and how the contours are used and accent colours are brought in.
Decorative pattern using contours from Urban Green's new brand, this uses the contours in sandy yellow.

Squid worked closely with us to understand our business and produce a new brand identity. This included bespoke brand guidelines, a new website and graphic content. Our brand speaks for itself — it’s fresh, bold and imaginative.

Gemma King
Urban Green