A Manchester based studio with a love for honest, beautiful & thoughtful work.

What that means for you

You get quality work that’s well considered, you’ll be involved throughout, and you’ll end up with a meaningful result that lasts.

Who you’ll work with

Squid is the studio of Mark Dormand, a branding and design consultant with over 15 years experience working for a huge range of organisations large and small from all over.

When the project requires it Squid will bring in the right folks for the job, whether that’s photographers, web developers or copywriters to make sure you get brilliant crafted work.

Our process

Each project is different, so there’s no tidy neat one size fits all process to share — but every project starts with clear and open communication.

Squid is happy to guide you through creating a brief which will then act as guide for the entire piece of work.

If you’d like to learn a little about design itself, to get a better understanding of the value of design, visit our handy guide.