Terms & conditions

These relate to commissioning work from and working with Squid (the studio & trading name of Mark Dormand).

Estimates & quotes

These are based on the information we receive from you based on our experience — if we don’t have enough information we’ll flag that up. The more information that is provided the more accurate we can be and with further information, costs can change (higher or lower).

A quote or estimate can only be used for thirty days from being provided. Please also note that if a project involves third parties (such as printers) it can take a while to produce.


We require 50% of a project (or stage of a large project) to commence work, with the remaining amount due on completion. The remaining amounts are due within 20 days. If any payments are outstanding, we will not continue further work with you until these invoices are paid in full. 

Please be aware that according to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, we are entitled to claim a fixed sum upon non-payment of debts after this time, at which point a new invoice will be submitted with the addition of this fee. If payment of the revised invoice is not received within a further 20 days, additional interest will be charged to the overdue account at a statutory rate of 8% plus Bank of England base rate. Parties cannot contract out of the Act’s provisions. 

Additional costs 

Any expenses will be discussed and agreed in advance and invoiced as above in addition to the agreed project costs.

Any additional days or fees will only be incurred with express prior agreement with the client. 

Intellectual property — who owns what

On starting a project with us, you agree that all creative work, ideas and intellectual property created belong to Squid (Mark Dormand) until the project is completed and payment is made in full. At which point we will happily agree to transfer ownership to the client — clarified in their individual contracts. Any concepts or proposals not used or taken to completion remain the intellectual property of Squid (Mark Dormand).

Transfer of ownership only covers work specific to the project at hand and does not cover source or working files unless expressly stated, or underlying technologies to which their own respective owners retain complete rights. 

Squid (Mark Dormand), our consultants and contractors retain the right to self promote with the materials produced for the project — with the final produced files or photographs of the finished work.

When this applies to you

These are provided as guidance and a starting point, on deciding to commission work with Squid (Mark Dormand), a copy of these terms and conditions will be provided along with a letter of engagement to sign — this letter will detail the individual project details which will be tailored to the work at hand and include work schedule and key dates. 

Cancellation of a project

If for any reason the project is cancelled after work has started, a fee based on the stage of work produced and any expenses incurred will be paid by the client to Squid (Mark Dormand) and the rights to any creative work, ideas and intellectual property will remain with Squid (Mark Dormand).