A Christmas update!

As we head to the end of the year it’s the time that creatives, designers, illustrators and artisans of all ilks tend to do a year in review post about their work — and I still haven’t done it for this year or last!

I had intended to write a 2020 in review this year, to talk about my experience (and considerable lack of work in 2020). I held off posting it because it seemed too gloomy. But with a bit of time and reflection, I will in the new year because there’s now a positive side to it — because as hard as 2021 has been, it’s been incredibly busy and different from 2020 for me.

I’ve been very thankful for both my partner, and having great mental health support through what has been another challenging year in very different ways.

I’m also heartened that my “Pandemic fine” post struck a chord with quite a few people including a few new lovely clients who really appreciated my honesty.

But I wanted to post something now! My last day of working in 2021. I’m still about, and have been busy with some fab clients. I’ve got some wonderful new clients and some really positive stuff I’ve been working on in the last year that I’m looking forward to sharing with you all.

And my hair is crazy long now!

Hope you have a wonderful break and stay safe as we try to juggle life with this next stage of the pandemic. Oh and go get vaccinated if you can!