Tai Chi School logo in a teal colour on grey. The logo is very modern sans serif type with an understated thick linework version of the yin and yang symbol.

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Creating a modern look for an old art form.

A brand new venture, created by Aamir Rafi and Kim Foale, Tai Chi School is an online educational resource teaching Tai Chi through tutorial videos online — opening up high quality teaching at home.

Competitors tended to share a very busy and dated aesthetic which Tai Chi School were keen to avoid.

Client: Tai Chi School
Web development: Geeks for Social Change

Despite the desire to set apart from other Tai Chi practitioners, it was decided very early on that the yin and yang symbol must be part of the overall look.

The result was an identity which embraced a very striking and minimal take on the symbol – still recognisable but very much able to be part of Tai Chi School’s own pared back look.

Two flyers for the launch of Tai Chi School and the first anniversary. Both are minimal with strong white type across a coloured backdrop, with black and white photography of Aamir in the backdrop behind the type.

The visual identity for the brand was designed to make the most of their photography and highlight the tutor and Tai Chi expert Aamir, whilst making clear this was a modern and confident brand.

Since the initial branding Squid has gone on to produce DVD packaging and interfaces for the business along with several iterations of the website.

Tai Chi School website homepahge in full. The design is mostly teal with dark grey details and white type, though several blocks reverse this. A coral colour is used to draw attention to a free trial near the end.
Tai Chi School website demonstrated in responsive tablet state. Focussed here on icons and photography relating to one of their main courses.
Tai Chi School mobile states for the website, highlighting extensive navigation, free trial call out graphics and other details of the homepage offers.

I set up Tai Chi School with Mark’s help in 2016. Mark was very easy to work with, he listened closely to my vision for the business and helped clarify my objectives and deliver a great brand and successful website. His continued support with print and updates to the website has been very positive, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Master Aamir Rafi
Tai Chi School